Data Free-Response Question Posters: Should we arm teachers?


  • 8 graphs

    Coming Soon: example posters by students

    Context: Whenever a school-wide walkout happens where teachers stay in the classrooms, I present a data FRQ about the theme of the walkout. The poster becomes extra credit for students who complete and present it. Choose your own minimum of graphs used.

(B-2) Inferring From Evidence: Data Over Time


  • Time: 5 min share — 15 minute discussion

  • Response sheets (2 per page)

  • Large print pages of the graphs

  • Challenge question: what’s another way we could interpret this? can we trust the evidence here? what other effects could these phenomena have?


  • (see doc)

  • more coming soon

(B-1) Inferring from Evidence: Correlation v. Causation



  • Time: 5 min review — 15 minute discussion

  • 4 graphs, 3 questions per graph: identifies x-, y-axis & increase/decrease

  • Response sheets (6 per page), graphs (2 per page)

  • Challenge question: what else? why? how do we know?