Data Now! a series

Each set contains: 4 tasks w/ 3 questions each. Graphical & data analysis tasks. Themed by skill, content, or real-world data type.

How did I use it? Each Monday starts with a Do Now task from below, and we’d discuss for 5 to 15 minutes. Works well for classes meeting 4x/week or skill-building slot that month. Each item below contains 4 tasks; perhaps rotate or do one task a day.

UPDATE 7/10/19: I recently learned about Turner’s Graph of the Week, an excellent resource that I want to learn from and emulate. I encourage others to try the 6 years’ worth of weekly graphs!

Directions: Click below for download page w/ link & details.

Further Reading


  • Content:

    • Critical thinking & reasoning. Skill-building & review.

    • Opportunities to activate zone of proximal development when looking at data or graphs in the real world. Students look closer at phenomena they experience and apply what they’ve practiced in class.

  • Socio-emotional: Pluralism! Exposure to wide variety of content, within the same framing lens of graphical analysis, helps students build empathy and comprehension due to prior exposure.

  • Management: Adds structure to how a class is run. (Students find safety in predictability; know to do this as soon as they get in the door, ergo take a chunk of responsibility for their learning.)

To do:

  • consolidate other graphing exercises & sub plans to make them GoogleDoc accessible