Grading: Differentiating Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

How do I write comments/cartoons for 35+ students yet record grades on time? My coach and I triaged work (usually CERs) into 3 stacks based on approaching, meeting, and exceeding the NGSS performance expectation.

Here’s a guiding document translating the biology NGSS performance expectations into those 3 categories. I hope to refine it based on feedback.

Disclaimer: Like all shortcuts, these are very roughly useful but inaccurate models that get me where I want to go, which is more time dedicated to individual comments, less time wasted on deciding/entering numbers.

You will probably disagree with me about these categories; feel free to comment w/ feedback.

Teen-friendly songs affirming mental health

These songs come from a show, Steven Universe, that my high school students have expressed to be wholesome and helpful in exploring their identities. I found their message to be very cathartic and incredibly healthy in affirming anyone's journey of self-exploration and recovery from trauma.

I have organized them by theme below. If you give them a listen, I hope you enjoy!

  • Overcoming avoidance & shame by facing the truth with help – True Kinda Love (youtube) (lyrics)

  • Growing up - Independent Together (youtube - spoilers) (lyrics)

  • Permission to be yourself - Be Wherever You Are (youtube) (lyrics)

  • Affirming self-dignity but inviting understanding - Change Your Mind (youtube) (lyrics)

  • Intrusive thoughts, spiraling, & mindfulness - Here Comes A Thought (youtube) (lyrics)

  • Starting over after abuse - Found (youtube - spoilers) (lyrics)

  • Two enemies reconciling over a shared grief - Both of You (youtube) (lyrics)

(P.S. I am of the opinion that this 2-min clip is essential viewing for any nonbinary or lgbt kid right now.)