I found all of these useful for different occasions. All of them contain strategies anyone can directly use in the classroom.

Teaching Philosophy

Science & Inquiry Skills

  • Exploratorium Science Snacks! – low-cost phenomena-centered activities

  • Reading to Learn in Science – use for adapting readings, worksheets, reviews

  • Learning Design Group (Lawrence Hall of Science) - sets of lesson plans for teaching scientific principles, evidence, inference, reasoning skills, etc. all using real world examples

  • ENSI/SENSI Indiana - superb lessons on the nature of science, evidence, inference, as well as intensive inquiry-driven activities about evolution; some of my favorites for low-stakes collaborative thinking

  • TeachEngineering - excellent resource for anyone wanting problem-solving or design thinking starters & projects

  • Forensic Files: Views of the Body - week-long lesson plan with many extension possibilities


General Teaching

General Science Resources