Free Downloads for Teachers

Sharing worksheets, slides, and lesson plans I have used as a public high school science teacher, in hopes my own learning will help others. I’ll be updating this as I go through my files and clean them up for sharing. Feedback appreciated!

Take & Teach: Documents are stored in GSuite and print-ready.

Beginning of the year: templates, lists of posters to make, décor and signs, procedures, and norms.


Lesson plans and units, for teaching science, community-building, and executive functioning skills.


Graphical analysis tasks. Real-world examples, worksheets, and different types of data visualization. Each set contains four different tasks.


List of external resources that have helped inform my own teaching practices. Includes useful databases for lessons, data, and teaching tools.


copyleft notice: You are free to copy and adapt all the teaching resources on this page. I appreciate feedback on what to keep/toss/expand/scaffold. Please contact me if I need to add credit/link or remove anything not fair use.