First Week: Science Identity Lab Coats

Activity Sequence

Note: mix into preexisting agenda; not intended to be its own lesson

Click for folding directions

  • Class 1: Discuss questions, brainstorm keywords, pre-write sentence frames

  • Class 2: Draft 3-5 sentences to each question, proofread a peer’s for feedback.

  • Class 3: Fold lab coat & decorate! Use art supplies, magazine cutouts, & typography/graffiti to illustrate the theme or copy the answer. Each question is labeled with the part of the lab coat.

  • Class 4 (or 5): Present lab coats. (Options: Explain/summarize/1detail (1) own coat, (2) a peer’s lab coat)

Assessment: Depending on what you want to target, you could assess any of these, from the worksheets to the spoken explanations. Also a great opportunity early in the year to see who gets to use scissors without supervision.

Other features: (1) Habituates students to explaining their metacognitive thinking about science in society, (2) encourages different forms of expression & understanding, (3) introduces idea of modeling as a proxy for understanding. Fun way for the class to get to know each other! (I had the students write their names on the collar or lapel.)

Student Work Examples