Lesson (2x): Claim-Evidence-Reasoning

Time: 55 minutes + 70 minutes


  • Identify the claim, evidence, and reasoning in a scientific explanation.

  • Identify relevant evidence to support a scientific explanation, using real NASA photos from Mars.

Additional Prep Required: download external materials from here

Agenda (Pt 1, 55min)

  1. Do Now

  2. Video: Dad is an alien!

  3. Slides: Explaining Science - CER

  4. CER: Penny

  5. Solo: Analyze

  6. Pairs: Peer Review


Formative (CER: Analyze; Mars check-ins); Summative: Mars Spoken Explanation

Agenda (Pt 2, 70min)

  1. Do Now

  2. Video: Are cats liquid or solid?

  3. Slides: Claim - Evidence - Reasoning

  4. Activity: Identifying Relevant Evidence…on Mars!

  5. Pairs: Peer Review


Learning Design Group, Reteaching Loop: Understanding the Role of Relevant Evidence in Supporting a Claim

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Lesson: Intro to Cognitive Bias

Time 50-60 minutes

Goal Identify and explain different types of cognitive bias


  1. Do Now

  2. Video: Why do human brains love fake news?

  3. Recognizing types of bias

    1. Notes (graphic organizer included)

    2. Review Quiz

  4. Poster: Examples & Prevention

  5. Exit Ticket


  1. Formative

    1. Do Now

    2. Graphic organizer

    3. Exit Ticket

  2. Summative

  3. Poster (group)


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